For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. – Psalm 62:1

May 8, 2015


In God, and in God alone, and in no other, and in nothing else can our souls, our inner most being, that which we are inside ourselves, only in the Lord God alone can our souls commune.

Apart from Christ our inner most being is actually spiritually dead, dead souls are like dead people, and dead people just simply do not communicate at all, they don’t communicate, because they cannot, they are dead.

Once the Lord comes and breathes His Holy Spirit over us and on us our souls come to life, and immediately like newborn babies who wait for their mothers, we wait for our heavenly Father!

Our very salvation comes from God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God brings His salvation to us in a more certain way than a mother feeds her newborn baby. God’s care for us, his newborn children is more loving and caring than the most loving parent could ever possibly be.

That may be hard to grasp for some, but it is meant as an encouragement, and assurance, a comfort.  We need never fear the Lord and His love for us.

Bible References

  • Psalm 62:1