Trinity offers a number of ministries for spiritual growth and discipleship. For more information on these ministries or to order tapes or literature, please contact Pastor Gary Morrison at 610-820-0933.


  • Jericho Walls Team– local evangelism and literature distribution.
  • Prayer Chain– immediate prayerful attention to personal needs.
  • Transportation Ministry– for those in need of transportation to church services.
  • Trinity Missionary Society– this group meets once a month to share missionary reports, encourage trips to other countries, and pray for missionaries throughout the world. They also organize an annual missions conference and dinner in October.


  • Special Music– opportunities for those with musical gifts to sing or play during worship services.


  • Book Ministry– a good selection of reformed and evangelical literature is offered at discounts of 35-40% off of retail price.
  • Library– an extensive collection of volumes are available for study and research, including numerous Baptist, Puritan, and Reformed authors.

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